The valuation department of Landmark Real Estate is the largest on Curacao and one of the most reliable in the region. Since 1992, we have been active in valuing all types of real estate on Curacao, Bonaire, and Saint Martin. All large (local and foreign) banks, insurance agencies, and pension funds accept our valuation determinations.

You are at the right address with us for all types of real estate valuations.

Valuation letter

This is a concise valuation report supplemented with photos. Most banks accept the valuation letter for the application of a mortgage.

  • 1‰ of the highest estimated value with a minimum of NAf 500,-

Expansive valuation report

  • Values up to NAf 200,000: NAf 700,-
  • Values between NAf 200,001 – NAf 400,000: NAf 900,-
  • Values between NAf 400,001 – NAf 600,000: NAf 1,300,-
  • Values of NAf 600,001 and higher: 2% of the highest estimated value.

Determination rental value

* 1.5% of the annual rental price with a minimum of NAf 450.

Here, you can download and already fill out the order form for your valuation.

We will conduct our valuation once the down payment and the order form have been received. Indicated rates do not apply to valuation determinations on Aruba, Bonaire, and Saint Martin. For these islands, we will send the principal a proposal for acceptance in advance.

Additional information

  • The information indicated above may be subject to modifications.
  • Rates exclude real estate transfer tax from 1 January 2018 onwards.
  • For a valuation beyond the Zegu roundabout, a Bando Bou surcharge of NAf 100,- applies.
  • For a valuation on Aruba, Bonaire, and Saint Martin, you will receive a tailor- made proposal.


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