Club Seru Coral A 162
Koraal Partier - New!

NAƒ 133.500 k.k.
USD 75.000 k.k.
Jan Sofat 206
Jan Sofat - New!

On request
Seru Boca Estate 10
Santa Barbara Plantation - New!

On request
Jan Sofat 168
Jan Sofat - New!

NAƒ 1.691.000 k.k.
USD 950.000 k.k.
Seru Boca Estate 37
Santa Barbara Plantation - New!

NAƒ 3.293.000 k.k.
USD 1.850.000 k.k.
Villapark Girouette 35
Villapark Girouette - New!

NAƒ 1.448.920 k.k.
USD 814.000 k.k.

Landmark Real Estate

For certain things in life you need a pro!

As we followed the developments in the regional real estate market closely since the establishment of Landmark Real Estate in 1992. Through this experience, we know the true value ...

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