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We are more than happy to help you with a comprehensive and reliable appraisal report that is generally accepted locally!

Living in Curaçao and why that is a blast!

An emigration for a longer or temporary time is not something you “casually decide” to do. It is important to make a careful consideration of whether Curaçao is the right island to go to and start a new life in on the other side of the world.

Why you can best sell your house through a broker!

When selling your house, a lot is involved. The right sales strategy, up-to-date legal knowledge and natural experience also help negotiating tactics.

Buying your own home? We give you 10 tips!

If you are new to the housing market it is quite an experience; looking for a house and hopefully buying a house. We are happy to help you!

Establishment of the Appraisers Association of Curacao

2016 is the year the Appraisers Asssociation of Curacao was established.

Landmark Real Estate member of FIABCI

Landmark Real Estate is the only real estate and appraisal firm in the region which joined the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI.

Samenwerkingsverband Landmark en Christie's

De Nederlandse afdeling van het prestigieuze veilinghuis Christie’s International Real Estate heeft de afgelopen negen maanden Landmark Real Estate op Curaçao gescreend.

Dit is inmiddels afgerond en vanaf nu zal Landmark haar werkzaamheden onder de vlag van Christie’s mogen uitvoeren.
Christie’s staat bekend als een van de meest prestigieuze kunstveilinghuizen ter wereld sinds 1766. Naast de bemiddeling bij de aan- en verkoop van kunst, is Christie’s ook zeer actief op het gebied van bemiddeling bij de aan- en verkoop van luxueus en exclusief onroerend goed.

New listings

Seru Boca Estate 33
Santa Barbara Plantation
NAƒ 2.999.300 k.k.
USD 1.685.000 k.k.
Korporaalweg 11 a
NAƒ 289.999 k.k.
USD 162.921 k.k.