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To buy a house on Curaçao

If you are considering to buy a house on Curaçao, you are certainly not alone. There are many real estate agents on the island and finding a suitable home can be a challenge. As a purchase broker, your interest as a buyer is priority. To buy a house is a big undertaking and as a purchase broker we guide you from start to finish in finding the right home or guide you through a targeted purchase assignment. 


Buy a house with personal purchase advice

As a purchase broker, we take a critical look at the houses that we will visit together with you. When we find the house that you are over the moon about, we get started with purchasing advice. A purchase broker, pays attention to crucial matters when wanting to buy a house, the structural condition, the appraisal value and the legal situation. If all checks out then we determine the purchase strategy. 


How do we operate as a purchase broker?

When planning to buy a house, you will be faced with the selling broker: a broker acting in the interest of the seller. When you want to buy a house and hire us as purchase broker, your demands are top priority. To buy a house is extremely specific. We create a realistic search profile that will ensure that the houses we find for you as a purchase broker are exactly what you described to us when you hired us to buy a house. We are also there for brainstorming; Perhaps there are neighborhoods or streets that you haven’t thought of but meet your criteria. To buy a house that truly suits you has never been easier. 


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