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Kaya Kent u Zelf 82
Kent u Zelf - New!

NAƒ 358.999 k.k.
USD 201.685 k.k.
Martha Koosje
Willemstad - New!

NAƒ 269.999 k.k.
USD 151.685 k.k.
Villapark Fontein B
Fontein - New!

NAƒ 766.924 k.k.
EUR 420.000 k.k.
Rooi Catootjeweg 3 Gaito
Gaito - New!

NAƒ 594.995 k.k.
USD 334.267 k.k.
Ajaxweg 14
Jongbloed - New!

NAƒ 1.100.001 k.k.
USD 617.978 k.k.
Charles Debrotweg 13
Van Engelen - New!

NAƒ 1.100.001 k.k.
USD 617.978 k.k.

Landmark Real Estate

To buy a house on Curaçao

Curaçao is a gorgeous place to live. It is not without reason that the island is popular with people wanting to buy a house for vacationing purposes or Curaçaoans wanting to buy a house to live with their family. We can see rising house prices over the years, making it even more inviting to buy a house on Curaçao. Are you looking to buy a house on Curaçao, but missing the expertise of a professional partner? Feel free to contact us!


Buying a suitable business space on Curaçao

Curaçao is the perfect island for working and undertaking business. You require a suitable business space that meets all your needs. Purchasing a business space is therefore extremely specific, whether it concerns an office building, a holiday resort or a multifunctional space. Buying any business space is similar to wanting to buy a house, and you need professional knowledge for that process. We have the experienced knowledge that you need!


Buy a house or business space through Landmark

To buy a house or business space is a process in which knowledge is key. As a renowned broker and appraiser, we have had experience in the Curaçao market since 1992 when it comes to buying a house or purchasing a business space. We give advice to our clients that are wanting to buy a house or business space, but also to people looking to sell their real estate. 


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