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A real estate agent with an extensive network, who ensures that your house is professionally brought to the attention of potential buyers. Then you have come to the right place! We help you determine the selling price, ensure optimum marketing and PR strategy and provide expert viewings.

Selling a house through a reliable sales broker

When you are selling a house you will of course go through with this with a good sales broker. A sales broker with knowledge on the local market and who will give you professional advice on the asking price. The entire sales process will be handed over to a professional. The sales broker will show interested viewers around, negotiate on your behalf and draft the purchase contract. You of course want this process to pass without any bumps in the road and  you would like to receive the right purchase price for your home. Selling a house is a process that your sales broker is happy to tackle with you. As a professional sales broker with more than 30 years of experience, we are glad to take away all your worries about selling a house. 


Selling a house is done with the right presentation

As a reputable sales broker, we understand the importance of presenting your house well in the sales process. Selling a house requires a good presentation, such as tidying up the house and repairing minor overdue maintenance. If you want to outsource the selling of a house to us as a sales broker, we will take all these matters off your hands. In addition to advising on the physical presentation, as a sales broker we take care of the entire marketing presentation. This is for example the making of professional photos, writing a sales text, placing your house on our website and advertising on various online channels and social media. Selling a house stress free is done with the help of Landmark as a professional sales broker. 

Determining the right price when selling a house

Selling a house is of course a struggle. As a sales broker we deal with it in a daily basis. When you are selling a house the first important thing you will think of is the asking price. What would you like to receive for your house and what yield is realistic in the current market. These are all things that you have to consider when selling a house. As a professional sales broker and recognized appraiser, we can advice you well about the selling price. Because we regularly carry out appraisals, we can provide you with sound advice regarding the expected yield of the house. Selling a house is done with a realistic asking price where room is left for possible negotiation. 


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