Establishment of the Appraisers Association of Curacao

2016 was the year in which the Appraisers Association of Curacao (TVC) was born.

Landmark Real Estate along with several other established valuation-offices have been the initiator of the TVC.

The TVC has set as a goal to appraisers-industry to become more professional and better organized, to develop a standardized valuation-report and developing a digital platform where members can easily check references of recent transactions.

The following organizations are members of the TVC:

  1. Landmark Real Estate (Mr. G.C. Bijlstra) - secretary
  2. Domicile Real Estate (mw. M. Elgersma) - chairman
  3. Caresto (Mr Ch. Henriquez) - treasurer
  4. Taxation Joubert (mw. M. Goedmakers-Joubert)
  5. Brouwer Appraisals (Mr T.G.D. Brouwer)
  6. AA Real Estate (Mr M. Schotborgh)
  7. Alliance Real Estate (Mr L.A.A. Borgschot)
  8. Taxatiebureau Exact (Mr R. Adriaans
  9. BroVast (mw. St. Brouwer)
  10. Anprocor (Mr A. van Werkhoven)
  11. RVM Design & Appraisals (Mr R. van Meeteren)
  12. Curaçao Exclusive Real Estate (Mr R. van Olst)

New listings

Canoaweg 10
Boca Sint Michiel
NAƒ 838.999 k.k.
USD 471.348 k.k.
Kaya Gusiano G 10
NAƒ 274.999 k.k.
USD 154.494 k.k.