I want to sell my house! How do I prepare my house for sale?

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You would like to sell your house. For a quick and good sale it is important to make sure your house is completely ready for it. We give you 7 tips to make everyone fall in love with your villa, house or apartment. 

Critical eye
Before you sell your house it is good to take a critical look at your house. Of course you are used to how your house looks. But how does your house look to someone else? Make a list of everything that needs improvement in your house and see what you can do with it to make it a better sell.

After writing down these areas for improvement, it's time to start tackling them. Get the toolbox out of the shed and work away all the beauty flaws. The more well-kept your home looks, the faster you are likely to sell it.

Keep your home quiet
To appeal to potential buyers, it's best not to have too many frills in your home. Mainly personal items are best put away when there are viewings. This looks a lot tidier and so the people who are viewing can look around with a neutral gaze. It sounds like something small, but it really helps in selling your home.

Make sure you have enough light
A light house often feels much more pleasant. Light in your home gives spaciousness and tranquility. So make sure the curtains are open, the windows are clean and use mostly light colors in your home. This also definitely contributes to how well you will sell your home.

Decorate the garden
The garden is often seen as an important part of a house. So make sure it also looks beautiful when you go to sell your house. Clean up the shed, cut the grass, put some nice plants and the atmosphere of your garden will immediately feel a lot better. Selling your house will also go smoother because of this.

The first thing people see
The front of your house is the first thing people see when you go to sell it. So make sure it looks spick and span. Remove bikes in front of the door, remove the weeds on the path and give the window frames a polish. This will immediately make a good first impression when you go to sell your house.

Neat washrooms
Not entirely unimportant when selling your house, is that the washrooms are tidy. In fact, a fresh toilet and bathroom largely determine how well cared for potential buyers will find your house. So make sure everything is clean and put some nice scented candles.

These were our tips for getting your house ready for sale. Take them with you and you will see that selling your house will go a lot easier. For advice on selling your home, feel free to contact us anytime.

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