Living in Curaçao and why that is a blast!

An emigration for a longer or temporary time is not something you “casually decide” to do. It is important to make a careful consideration of whether Curaçao is the right island to go to and start a new life in on the other side of the world. Let yourself be informed about life in Curaçao. Make contacts through e.g. online forums in which people share their experiences. Also look at yourself and of course your loved ones to see whether you are committed to the emigration. In this blog we will mention a few points on why you should come to Curaçao!

Curaçao is the biggest island from the former group of islands the Netherlands Antilles. The advantage of this is found mostly in the infrastructure. Curaçao has the most choice when speaking of medical care, art and culture, sports and offers in shops and supermarkets from all of Caribbean Netherlands.

With 160,000 habitants and over 150 nationalities Curaçao is incredibly diverse in terms of the society. This has advantages such as the extend of diversity in culinary and cultural  display. Most of the Curaçaoans speak 3 to 4 languages, mostly Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu. In case you speak one of these languages you are able to make yourself be understood in any place on the island. If you are planning to stay on the island for a longer time, we highly recommend you to learn the local language Papiamentu. You will notice that it is extremely valued by the local inhabitants and it will help you in your process of settling down in Curaçao.

Ultimately, the quality of life is what makes it so incredibly pleasant to live in Curaçao. The weather plays a huge role in this. Every day you wake up with the sun and a slightly cooling wind. With an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius you will notice that you will live outdoors. Regular beach visits, exploring new places and enjoying the tranquility. That is what island life is all about, everything on its own pace!

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