Why you can best sell your house through a broker!

When selling your house, a lot is involved. The right sales strategy, up-to-date legal knowledge and natural experience also help negotiating tactics. Hiring a broker is therefore a wise choice. Your property is, after all, one of your greatest and most valuable assets! As a sales broker with more than 25 years of experience, we have all the accurate knowledge in-house and it is only your interests that we represent.

If you decide to sell your property through us, we will come to your home to inspect the property and then determine the asking price in consultation with you. The location, the condition of the home, the number of square meters and many other things determine, amongst other things, the correct value. However, determining an asking price that is in line with the market will ultimately be a decider for achieving the desired result.

Make sure your home is in good condition. When potential buyers come to visit it is important that they have a good feeling about the property and feel that they can live comfortably there. A coat of paint and a freshly trimmed garden can make a big difference!

It is then important that we put the house in the spotlight. A good description, beautiful photos and the right marketing strategy are important to bring your property to the attention of potential buyers.

During the viewings you decide whether or not you are present. We will in any case take over the entire process from. We will of course consult with you and the prospect on which day and time the viewing can take place. If potential buyers contact you directly, you should always refer them to us. This way you ensure that all communication runs through one channel that is very clear and probably prevents a lot of miscommunication!

You can of course rely on us during the negotiations. For more than 25 years we have dealt with several negotiations a month and we can negotiate the best deal for you.

The purchase agreement is drawn up by us and all agreements made are confirmed in writing. Once all documents have been signed, the purchase agreement is concluded. We also see to it that the purchase agreement (incl. All other documents) is delivered to the notary in time so that it can start with all work in the run-up to the delivery of your property to the buyer.

The deed of sale is signed at the notary and you receive a draft of the deed of delivery. When the purchase price has been paid and the deed of delivery has been signed, your house is officially sold!

For more information about selling your house, contact us! We are happy to assist you during this intensive process and provide customized personal guidance.

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