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NAƒ 476.282 k.k.
EUR 250.000 k.k.




In the green neighborhood of Rust en Pad in Bandabou lies this beautiful authentic home. Bandabou is known for its lush landscapes and authentic representation of the island. Along the south coast are coral reefs and several bays and beaches. At the heart of Bandabou lies the Sint-Christoffelberg, the highest point of Curaçao. The home is built on 6000 m² of leasehold land. There are plenty of possibilities, such as building apartments, setting up a glamping site, and installing a swimming pool.

Covered front porch and cooling shutter windows

Enter the house via the graceful staircase and enjoy the tranquility on the covered front porch. The authentic charm is enhanced by the Curaçaoan tiles. Additionally, this home boasts ample natural light and cooling breezes thanks to the updated aluminum shutter windows with glass.

Spacious and authentic living room

This home features a spacious and cozy living room with high ceilings. Furthermore, ventilation of the home has been carefully considered, ensuring the house always feels fresh and cool. The living room provides extra storage space with a loft.

Dining room with a new and spacious kitchen and scullery

Adjacent to the living room is the dining area and a modern, spacious kitchen. There is also a scullery providing extra space. The kitchen features an induction cooktop, oven, and microwave. Additionally, there is ample space for an American refrigerator.

Two bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom with a spacious shower

The home offers two bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom. Additionally, there is an outdoor toilet and shower, potentially ideal for guests.

Covered side porch with outdoor bar

Relax and enjoy cozy evenings with friends and family on the side porch. It features a beautiful outdoor bar, complementing the authentic atmosphere of the home.

Partially maintenance-free and sustainable

The home is constructed with many maintenance-free materials, including hardwood. This makes the house increasingly maintenance-free over time.


Bandabou, meaning under the wind in Papiamento, is a region on the western side of Curaçao, characterized by its rugged coastline, tranquil beaches, and cultural heritage. Homes in Bandabou range from colourful buildings to modern villas overlooking the azure Caribbean sea. The landscape is dominated by cacti, vast hills, and pristine nature parks such as the Christoffelpark, home to the Christoffelberg. Living in Bandabou offers a lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty and a welcoming community. Explore the possibilities that this authentic home in the Rest and Path neighborhood has to offer.

In general:

  • • Asking price: Eur. 250,000,= (all closing costs for the account of the buyer)
  • • Land area (land to be given out as government owned long lease): 772m²
  • • Land area. (lease land (=huurgrond)): approx. 5.200m²
  • • Acceptance: to be agreed upon in consultation between seller and buyer



NAƒ 476.282 k.k.
EUR 250.000 k.k.


House type
Detached house

Surface and volume

Living surface
Plot surface



Exterior areas

Garden all round
[ { "lat": 12.300781022788, "lng": -69.11112710144 } ]


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